In 1997, our first labrador retriever joined us.
Very soon, it was clear that we would have more dogs;
we had caught the "lab virus".


So in 1999, our yellow girl

She was in an excellent  state of health and she obviously enjoyed training;
and thanks to her our first litter was registered in LCD under parent organization


In 2003, we acquired the chocolate female labrador
from Anja Verbeek.

Thank you very much, Anja, for this lovely girl.

In the year 2005 we imported our first labrador from the USA,many thanks to Michelle Veu Casovic for our lovely boy Fozzy !!

In 2007 we could get a black boy from Tina Turcotte in Canada- Kennel Swentina's and  a choc boy from my friend Erin Mc Clurg Webster
and her Mom Diane Mc Clurg from Texas.
Thank you  all for your trust, we are very happy that we can use these dogs for our future breeding . 
The boys are in co-ownership with my friend Carmen Kohl Seifert
- Kennel Of Main Square -


Since June 2008  Kalypso from the Brooks Kennel in the USA is living with me and my pack.
I am so proud of this wonderful girl , many thanks to Linda Ciancio !


My dogs are living with my family; that means with my husband and my two children in our house.
Most of all, my dogs are family dogs.


The puppies spend the first weeks of their lifes with my family in our living room.
Later they move to the puppies house which is right beside our terrace; and I still can keep an eye on them.
The day when the puppies leave our family we feel both, relieved and sad.
On the one hand we get rid of  a 24 hours job and are of course looking forward to a normal life, which means 8 hours sleep at night and maybe a lazy sunday on the couch;
These normal things are nearly impossible as long as the puppies are with us.
On the other hand it is not easy for us giving away the puppies we loved and cared for during the past 8 weeks, 24 hours each day.

Will everything be ok in the new family?
Did we really find the right owners?

I always hope to find potential owners for my puppies who are able to train the dog with love and common sense such that the dog will become a pleasant part of the family.
Particularly in case of the first dog, a professional "dog's training" might be helpful, not only for the dog, but also for the owner who might get some good advice.
In addition, the little dog has the opportunity contacting other dogs; there is nothing a dog enjoys more.
But attention, during a good dog's training, dogs should be under permanent control of the trainer. Good trainers always keep an eye on the dogs and step in, if necessary.
Please consider that great differences in weights and lengths of the several dogs might cause problems. Just think about hips and elbows of the puppies which are very sensitive during growth period.
However, it is important finding a way for the puppy having social contacts with other dogs; but it should not get too much for the puppy. There should be a middle course
In the age of 8 weeks, the puppies are released to their new owners. At that time, they are of course wormed several times, got vaccinations and a chip. It's up to the new family what will become of them.

Just one more note:

Not every labrador is as it should be according to books; the dog reserves the right of being an individual.

So, each dog is unique having a strong and a week side, but he will surely become an enrichment in your life